The Home Stretch

It’s been a while (it’s been a whiiiiiile) since I’ve posted something about the house and the move and the whole shebang. It turns out, moving cross-country to buy your first home really takes it out of you! The good news is…  we’re in! And we’ve actually been in for a few weeks now, but we’ve also been settling into the new home and trying to take care of all of the things we need to take care of as homeowners. You know, the real fun stuff like getting utilities setup, figuring out what all of the light switches in the house do, scheduling a water softener installation with Lowe’s which has taken literally the entire time we’ve lived in the house, etc. Then there’s the actual fun stuff like starting to decorate the house with new (sometimes new-old) furniture and overall just making the house feel like (get ready for it) a home. We’re really loving it here thus far – it’s everything we could have hoped for in a home coupled with living in a city we absolutely love. We’ve been taking it a bit slow with taking advantage of all of the fun nightlife and activities Austin has to offer… Read more

Appliances are in!

Another week and another update on our soon-to-be finished home in Easton Park. This week we received our regular update and photos with news that our carpet is in (though the photos were taken before carpet went down) and that our electric meter has been put into place. You can also see in the photos below that our light fixtures all seem to be in place and our major appliances are ready to go! Plus, look at that back yard! It was always hard to tell just how big the yard would look/feel when it was just a patch of dirt behind the framing of the house, but now that the sod is down and the house is nearly finished it actually looks a lot bigger than we expected. We can’t wait to be out back grilling, hanging out, and playing with a pup in the coming months! One minor hiccup – the wrong glass was installed in the master bathroom shower. We’re meant to have a frameless glass enclosure rather than a framed enclosure and this will be replaced shortly. Next week the AC will be going in and, hopefully, the gas meter – then it’s prep for QA… Read more

Floors, Cabinets, Countertops… and a Closing Date.

Boy, that escalated quickly. Last week’s update brought news that our masonry was being finished on the front of our home, as well as the electrical being nearly wrapped up. Today we received a quick update letting us know that our plumbing set-outs had gone in and that our irrigation would be going in next week. Not only that, but next week will also bring our appliances, carpets, and potentially our sod. The sod will depend on whether or not the other exterior pieces of the home are finished, so it’s up in the air until we know how well next week goes. But the biggest piece of news we received was the closing date. We’d been waiting and waiting to hear, because ever since we’ve started the process we’ve been anxious to finally move into our home and become Austinites. We now know that on March 23 we will be closing on our home in Austin! When I heard the news and received the various emails with the billion documents to sign, I was pretty sure I was going to spend the rest of the night barfing. Seriously. Obviously, I am excited to kick this process into the next gear but with every stack of… Read more

Walls and More!

Things are certainly moving along at this point as the house begins to actually look like a house on the inside.  In a previous update, we received details and photos of the progress in regards to sheetrock going up throughout the house.  It’s amazing how much a place begins to look more like a house and how finished the rooms start to look when construction hits that point.  Check out some photos below! But that’s not all!  Since I’ve been slow on updating with blog posts here, we’ve also received another update with photos of our cabinets going in throughout the house!  The countertops have all been measured out as well and we’re told that tile will begin to be laid throughout the house next week.  Walls?  Cabinets??  Floors?!  It’s almost done! Unfortunately, we have heard that the timeline has shifted again to mid-late March but we’ll be following up to see what is the cause of those delays and to nail down the timeline for closing as soon as possible.  At this point, we’re just incredibly anxious to finally be in our new home and to become full-fledged Austinites (and hopefully the stench of being transplants will wash off quickly).

A bunch of updates!

It’s been a little while since I last posted – but that isn’t because we haven’t had any updates.  With the holidays ramping up and a persistent sickness kicking the crap out of me, I just haven’t jumped on here as often to post our updates. But, things are still moving along!  Below are some pictures of an update from a couple of weeks ago – we’ve got the groundwork laid for our kitchen including our water lines, gas, and exhaust for our stove.  Progress continues in getting the HVAC and electric installed throughout as well the installation of the tub and shower in our second-floor bathroom and master bathroom. Plus, the roof!  We actually have a whole roof now!  You can see some finishing touches being put on it in one of the pictures below, and we’re happy with the progress we’re seeing overall so far. But that’s not all! More work is continuing on and around the house, of course, and we have some photos from an additional update that I haven’t posted yet. Here you can see the basically-completed roof, the various cabling and wiring running into the house, and the blocking out of the drive way… Read more

Raise the dang ole roof!

We have a roof! Almost! We have part of a roof, at least. Each week I receive a call from our contact at Milestone, Kim, and our contractor, Colton, who deliver updates on the progress of our home. This week? Ducts have been put in place for or our HVAC system, the roof has been begun to go up and soon we’ll see drywall begin to go up. It’s so exciting! At the end of this post I’ll include a gallery of updated images and we should be receiving even more shortly. Everything is coming along very quickly and we’re still on target to close at the end of January/beginning of February. Soon… soon I’ll be a real cowboy.

Life-Changing Decisions

I’ve given this a lot of thought lately and I’ve finally come to the conclusion on some life-changing decisions that I needed to make. Some of them have been real doozies to decide upon with this first one being the dooziest. But it’s what I feel like I need to do. I’m going to try and actively blog again. I know, I know – people say that. They say it a lot. This time, though, I have a reason to keep up with it! A while back my girlfriend and I decided that we were going to move to Austin, Texas. It’s a place we’d visited several times over the past five years and a place we instantly fell in love with. It hit all of the marks on a place we’d want to live – fun things to do; awesome things to eat; beautiful weather and plenty of opportunities to take advantage of that weather with parks, swimming holes, and hiking trails. We initially decided to look for a home to buy after finding an amazing Realtor named Maria Curelli. She was able to show us some great neighborhoods with some pretty great houses, but none of the homes… Read more